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Colleen OBrien :  Jameson & Marston

3/15/2016 They arrived in a timely manner and I knew from the loving greeting my boys received that they were in experienced hands. The dogs cuts were exceptional and the fees were reasonable. I would highly recommend to anyone in NYC. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Oser : Lily
1/6/2016  Not only is this the most convenient service available in this day and age of convenient services, but it also provides peace of mind from knowing that my baby isn't one of many dogs waiting her turn in an assembly line of grooming, waiting anxiously in a strange and cold crate without a blanket, pillow or mat. Plus I don't have to dedicate nearly an entire day to waiting around for the call to pick my dog up, oftentimes five hours after drop off. With Shadows you just take your dog downstairs to Amanda's RV, a sleek, tricked out and meticulously clean groom-mobile with everything she needs, including a bathtub with running hot and cold water. You then get a text around 45 minutes later to let you know it's time to come on down to retrieve your pet. The real best part is that Amanda is the most big league talented groomer I've used in my years with a succession of 6 hair (i.e. cut not shed) pups. She gives the most adorable puppy cuts and she possesses the kind and gentle demeanor of a true animal lover so that means no quaking dog to leave behind.  I couldn't recommend Amanda and Shadows any more highly... but I would if I could. Just please please don't fill up all of her time slots!

Sharon Roebuck: Jazz & Jaxx

5/3/2014 "Amanda is caring patient and professional individual. She is very knowlegable about her profession. My dogs were very calm after the grooming session which displayed that the dogs felt her kindness in her her hands voice and demeanor. Amanda is also punctual focused and very timely. I am very pleased with her services. My dogs are representative of how Amanda's work was exemplary."

Josie Soto: Whiskey & Bailey

5/17/2014 "Great loving caring service. Amanda is an excellent groomer and is very reliable."

Riekke Chin: Yoda & Chewy

6/26/2014 "My puglets are so clean and their teeth are amazingly clean! Thank You."

Inez Contreras: Jasper

7/7/2014 "Amanda did a lovely job on all three dogs. Jasper always comes out very smooth and shiny on his coat. The girls look so cute with their hair short."

Leslie Rhone: Sable & Nakota

3/1/2015 "I am very impressed with Amanda Santiago and Shadows Pet Services. Amanda provides grooming expertise, excellent customer service, and genuinely cares about her clients, both animal & human. The mobile van is extremely convenient for me and my Babies. Thank you Shadows Pet Services for a stress free, professional and caring experience. We are now regular customers."
Vivian Henderson:  Benny & Charlie
3/22/16 Always so kind and caring towards the dogs. Takes great pride in her work!

4/20/15 Excellent westie cut!
Roslyn Polyester

8/24/15 You are the best and you really love Polly and she is trusts you. Thanks again for your care.

Charmaine Rapaport: Jack
2/1/16 My dog looks great and enjoy the mobile convenience. Amanda was prompt and experienced. Will definitely call again.
Bebe March :  Peanut and Spikey
8/23/15 Amanda is amazing!!!! Best grooming Peanut and Spikey have ever had. Amazing!!!
Jorge : Snoky
8/3/15 Also great service and they take care of the pets.. Great work guy keep up the good work and I will tell my friends about you...thank you

Brandy Cook:  Dj

4/2/15 Amazing professional service as always! :) thank you Amanda!

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